Trebbiano is the most widespread white variety in Emilia Romagna, notably in the province of Ravenna. It is a very productive grape, with a good resistance to parasites. The wine produced from this grape is straw yellow, quite high in alcohol and not very rich in aromas. Not only is Trebbiano wine consumed  as a still wine but it is also used as a base for making spumante or for distillation to produce brandy. In Emilia Romagna, Trebbiano Romagnolo is one of the grapes that are blended together to produce a number of still and sparkling white wines, dry or sweet. Yet, in order to fully appreciate its features, we suggest to taste a DOC (PDO) Romagna Trebbiano or a DOC (PDO) Colli di Imola Trebbiano, which are made with at least 85% of this grape.

Maybe you don’t know that
The family of Trebbianos comes from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean basin. In Emilia Romagna, the first accounts mentioning the Trebbiano Romagnolo variety are those written by Pier de’ Crescenzi in the XV century: “There’s another species of grape, called Tribiana, which is white with a number of small round berries and which in the first years doesn’t give any fruits but later on becomes very fruitful.”. Trebbiano first obtained the DOC (PDO) certification in 1973.

Trebbiano today
Light and versatile, Trebbiano is particularly suitable to informal gathering with friends, be it a picnic with piadina and cold cuts or a fish and vegetable dinner. Semi-sparkling and sparkling Trebbiano makes a refreshing aperitif to be served at a temperature between 8 and 10 °C. But the ingredients best matching Trebbiano are definitely the outspoken character of people from Romagna and a friendly, cheerful company.