The ‘Prosciutto di Parma’ Museum

In the town of Langhirano, in the province of Parma, there is a special place where visitors can delight their palates with a ‘salume’, or cold cut, famous the world over. This is, of course, prosciutto di Parma to which a museum containing eight separate sections and a tasting room, has been devoted inside the ex Foro Boario. The tour begins in the historical section and moves its way to the area dedicated to salt. Significant attention is paid to the art of the ‘norceria’, or meat processing: the butchering, peeling and preparation of sausage products. In the reliquary, various instruments are on display, including the impressive tools of the ‘norcino’, or itinerant butcher, and the section devoted to the preparation of the prosciutto is highly recommended. Finally, there are also vintage paintings and photographs on display as well as short films and tastings of local products from the Parma region.

Via Bocchialini, 7
Langhirano PR