The Herb Garden

The location of the Giardino delle Erbe is ideal due to the presence of ecological factors which have resulted in a microclimate particularly well adapted to medicinal plants.
A unique tour is offered through laboratories and terraced farmland, providing visitors with the opportunity to better understand how medicinal plants are used in pharmceuticals, cosmetics and cuisine.
The ‘Giardino delle Erbe di Casola Valsenio’ provides a constantly changing mix of colours and fragrances. Furthermore, it includes more than 450 species of medicinal plants, a garden shop, laboratory, library, photography exhibition, areas devoted to the drying and conservation of herbs, and an ‘olfactorium’ where visitors can smell extracts of medicinal herbs produced on site.
The garden tour, organized by thematic steps and subdivided by plant typologies, is an extraordinary olfactory experience.

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