Cervia Salt Museum

It is referred to as “white gold” and its unmistakeably sweet flavour has made it a prized ingredient among food lovers. To learn all about the history of the product and visit the salt pans where it is harvested, visitors can head to this intriguing Museum housed in an old salt storage tower. The lasting union between Cervia and salt is evident throughout the museum tour: at the entrance, a beautiful tent sports the colours of the sails of traditional Cervia boats and inside, a glass display case contains fascinating salt crystals. Visitors can retrace the history of salt production in Cervia by way of a large 3D model illustrating the coast and inland area. There are also multimedia stations explaining the chemistry and physics of salt plus a very impressive room at the end of the tour dedicated to first hand accounts of life as a salt worker.

Via Nazario Sauro, 24
Cervia RA