The Balsamico Tradizionale Museum

In the town of Spilamberto the history of one of the most exclusive regional food and wine products (achieved by way of a 25 year aging process) has been gathered together in one place. The museum tour begins in an exquisite room shaped like a large barrel and winds its way through the cooking room, with its typical ‘paiolo di rame’ copper pot, and the ‘la bottega del Bottaio’ where barrels containing the precious grape must -which will eventually produce Aceto Tradizionale Balsamico di Modena’ - are stored. The tour continues with a display of various objects, and historical and scientific documents in the ‘sala dei vetri’, and comes to a close in the ‘Acetaia Sociale dell’antica Consorteria’ - the museum ‘safe’, so to speak, containing 118 casks and the analysis laboratory.

Via Roncati, 28
Spilamberto MO