28/10/2018 through 05/11/2018

Varie località dell'Appennino Bolognese

Info Città metropolitana di Bologna +39 051 659 8407 turismo@cittametropolitana.bo.it http://www.cittametropolitana.bo.it/tartufesta

The prized white truffle of the Colli Bolognesi and its territory, between gastronomy traditions and culture
Events, menus, tastings and markets with typical local products

Events, menus, tastings and markets with autumn products. Tartufesta is the traditional event that in the months of October and November animates the municipalities of the Bolognese Apennines through markets, delicious menus and other initiatives, all focused on the '' White truffle of the Colli Bolognesi ''. The positive experiences of the past are repeated: Tartulibri, Tartueventi in various localities, Tartumenù in restaurants and agritourisms that adhere to a quality decalogue, Tartumercati with typical forest products and handicrafts, Tartuvisite in the woods and in the villages.

In the months of July and August the festivities of Savigno, Camugnano and Castel d'Aiano, dedicated to the "Summer Black Truffle", are anticipated.