Fragno Black Truffle

Truffle in Italy is a valuable good for its extraordinary flavour and truffle dishes are simply sublime. Also Parma has got its treasure, the black Truffle of Fragno. The first historical data about the truffle date back to XIV century, but only in the XVIII century it got its current name and the first official description. Formerly, truffle harvesting was made with pigs, but now this practice has been almost completely abandoned, since it is not easy to handle these animals because they are really jealous of both ripe and fragrant truffles and those unripe and tasteless. They swallow everything, causing serious damage to the truffle-ground. It is certainly more profitable to train a small "truffle" dog, able to proceed only where truffles have a more intense fragrance, in other words where they are perfectly ripe.

Truffles are characterized by: skin, often black, covered with big pyramidal warts; hazelnut and chocolate-coloured flesh, with clear veins; strong fragrance of good mould, moss and brushwood, which is persistent in freshly picked specimens. Fragno black truffle is also suitable for fast cooking unlike the white one, which should be used raw, and it is ideal to combine with veal, omelette and risotto. It can be grated and whipped with butter in order to obtain an aromatic butter to flavour various kinds of food. Excellent if combined  with a ragout sauce and a plate of homemade tagliatelle pasta.
Abundantly harvested in the hills around Parma, in particular in the area of Fragno, a stone village which gives its name to the local variety of the precious mushroom.
Come to taste it at the National Fair of Fragno Black Truffle, in Calestano and Terenzio (PR) from October 17 to November 14

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